Spring Layering

Topshop    Jacket,    Zara    Sweater,    Topshop    Dress (worn as skirt here),    Avon    Tights,    Topshop    Chelsea Booties

Topshop Jacket, Zara Sweater, Topshop Dress (worn as skirt here), Avon Tights, Topshop Chelsea Booties


Well after all that warm weather last week my weekend was sadly greeted with a lot of rain. It's funny how once you have a taste of the nice weather and it's replaced with a miserable day it really manages to affect you (me in particular.) I think this was because all week I worked on the sunny days so I had planned a lot of outdoor activities for my weekend, including a 16km run as part of my training and a Spring photo shoot. Well I quickly learned when I was in a foul mood how I need to be able to adapt better and as I was taking my bad mood out on Dave I have realized I need to change how I feel because of the weather. Especially since here on the West Coast the weather can change so drastically. 

Contemplating the rainfall outside of   Zoe's Bakery & Cafe

Contemplating the rainfall outside of Zoe's Bakery & Cafe

Dave is always making me laugh when he does an outfit shot (mainly out of how bored he is)

Dave is always making me laugh when he does an outfit shot (mainly out of how bored he is)

I thought this would be a great opportunity to share my tricks for Spring layering since that sunny week saw everyone in shorts and dresses but we realized after that we should still have our cozy sweaters and jackets nearby. This floral dress from Topshop I bought in Ireland over a year ago and I have struggled to wear it through the colder months. Until I realized it looks great as a skirt layered with my favourite lightweight Zara sweater over top. Worn with a pair of tights and boots and a loose fitting utility jacket and you're set. You still appear to be Springy all the while remaining warm and cozy in your layers. If the weather changes you can take a layer or two off, revealing the beautiful floral dress underneath. I have to admit this is my favourite way of wearing this dress now and I plan on doing so into the summer with bare legs and white sneakers. 

I wear my    Wolf Circus    necklace every day and I love wearing my hair up now with my fringe Petra recently cut for me

I wear my Wolf Circus necklace every day and I love wearing my hair up now with my fringe Petra recently cut for me

Dave caught me mid laugh and I couldn't help but share it with you. He really got me out of my bad mood that day

Dave caught me mid laugh and I couldn't help but share it with you. He really got me out of my bad mood that day

Spring by the River

Topshop    Floral Blouse,    Free People    Denim Overalls,    Nike    Sneakers,    Ray Ban    Sunnies

Topshop Floral Blouse, Free People Denim Overalls, Nike Sneakers, Ray Ban Sunnies

The beautiful river we drive by on our way out of Tofino

The beautiful river we drive by on our way out of Tofino

Isn't it funny when you do the same drive over and over again but you never take the time to stop and look at the place you're driving through (especially when it's a beautiful spot like this.) I often go back to Victoria for visits with friends and family. It really is my home even if I have lived on the west coast of the island for over a year now. I still feel like Ucluelet is my home too but in a different sense. I grew up in Victoria and that's where my roots are, my family home, my closest friendships were made there and so much that I love about that city still brings me back. However, I have been realizing how amazing it is where I live right now too. This drive is scary to some but to Dave and I it's sort of engraved in our minds now because we do it so often. The winter can be quite scary if there's a lot of snow or rain but in the spring and fall it is most beautiful. I always look out the window at this river and hope to see a bear fishing, sadly that hasn't happened yet but it is the most beautiful spot.


We decided to finally stop here and have a look around on our Victoria last week. There's a bridge you can get across on the other side which we will hopefully check out this summer. Dave took these great shots of me and this beautiful surrounding before we hopped back in the car to get on our way again. I'm wearing a Topshop blouse that I've had for some time now that I still reach for all the time. It has such beautiful details like the bell sleeves and tie at the back of the neck. It is slightly sheer yet the floral print makes it not see through. I thought it would be fun to wear it with something I have never done before, my Free People overalls. I love these overalls and have so much fun wearing them with different tops or sweaters. Soon I'll be able to wear the with t-shirts and off the shoulder tops for summer. I cannot wait! The seasons are definitely changing now and it is finally warming up! 


In Bloom


My favourite time of year in Victoria is Spring. I was lucky enough to get part of the long weekend off so Dave and I headed to Victoria after work on Thursday. We were able to spend a weekend with my family and our friends and it was a much needed getaway. Seeing all the beautiful cherry blossoms in bloom is my favourite part of Spring, as well as smelling all the beautiful flowers popping up around the city. It was beautiful, sunny and warmer than Ucluelet and Tofino, it really felt like Spring! Now we are in for 2 straight weeks of rain on the 'Wet Coast' so I am every thankful for those three days of sunshine. 

Details: Basket bag from Chatachuk Market in Bangkok, Ray Ban sunglasses, Essie nails, Claddagh ring

Details: Basket bag from Chatachuk Market in Bangkok, Ray Ban sunglasses, Essie nails, Claddagh ring

Topshop blouse, Topshop jeans, Topshop Chelsea booties, Basket bag from Bangkok, Ray Ban sunglasses

Topshop blouse, Topshop jeans, Topshop Chelsea booties, Basket bag from Bangkok, Ray Ban sunglasses

I decided I had to match my blooming blouse to the amazing cherry blossom blooms around Victoria. While in Vancouver two weekends ago before heading to the mountain I was able to stop into my favourite shop, Topshop. I had tried this top on in February and wasn't sure about it. However, after thinking about it for over a month and drooling over it online I decided it would be a perfect Spring staple in my closet. I am consciously trying to pare my wardrobe down as I realize what really suits my body type and shape.


I do however, sometimes find myself gravitating away from basics and picking up a trendy piece to make me feel on trend for the season. This blouse is evident of that. It has billowing sleeves and the bodice is smocked. I love how this trend has come back after so long. When I was a kid my aunt would make smocked dresses for me that I absolutely loved, so this top definitely takes me back. I paired it with a simple outfit, denim and booties. However, I pulled out my basket bag since it was Easter weekend and Spring is definitely in the air. This bag is going to be worn with everything once the weather warms up. It is my favourite accessory in my closet and very on trend, you will be seeing a lot of basket bags this summer! My sister gave it to me for Christmas and she found it in the market in Bangkok. I can definitely see myself wearing this top and bag with high waisted denim shorts and slides this summer and I can't wait for it! 

Easter inspired nails, coming to the blog soon...

Easter inspired nails, coming to the blog soon...


Walks on the Wild Side


As the days get longer Dave and I have found ourselves walking new paths throughout Ucluelet, taking advantage of the sunny days that have come with Spring. Although while I'm writing this I can actually hear the rain on the roof overhead, I hope a sunny day is just around the corner again. This part of the Wild Pacific Trail is my favourite. Hidden between the layers of trees and away from the busy beaches is this little wooden bridge. The perfect place to stop and stare at all the amazing and powerful trees that surround this wild West Coast. If you plan on visiting Ucluelet or Tofino this Spring or Summer, I highly recommend taking a long walk along this trail. You can make it as long or as short as you want, whatever you choose you will be surely in awe of the views you'll see along the way. 


I recently purchased this fuzzy vest from MARK, a company owned by Avon. I love how fun it is and how it instantly dresses up a simple outfit. I wore it with my favourite sweater from Zara, dark skinny jeans from Topshop and my burgundy Chelsea boots from Topshop. The overall look I created is chic enough to where out for a meal but also perfect for a casual walk. I definitely plan to wear the vest over a floral dress in the summer, especially at a music festival. But for now, I think it is perfectly paired with jeans and a sweater or tee. 

MARK    fuzzy vest,    Zara    Black Sweater,    Topshop    Dark Jeans,    Topshop    Chelsea Booties

MARK fuzzy vest, Zara Black Sweater, Topshop Dark Jeans, Topshop Chelsea Booties


Spring has Sprung! 

Wool Hat from a boutique in Kelowna, Dress from Chatachuck Market in Bangkok, Topshop Leather Chelsea Booties

Wool Hat from a boutique in Kelowna, Dress from Chatachuck Market in Bangkok, Topshop Leather Chelsea Booties


The sun was out for almost a full week in Tofino and Ucluelet and you could tell how much it made an impact on people. Everyone was happier, including me and it felt like Winter was finally on its way out and Spring was just around the corner. Thank goodness for that! Even after having 5 weeks off over Winter, it still felt long this year and I couldn't be happier that the days are getting longer and brighter. This weekend I took full advantage of the sunny skies and got Dave out to do some photo shoots. Of course after hiding my legs under jeans, pants and tights for months on end, my legs are definitely ghostly white. However, hopefully soon it warms up and I can get a tiny bit of colour (not much since I hardly tan.) 


We don't have any festivals booked this summer but I definitely felt festival ready in this look. I love this dress that I bought at Chatachuk Weekend Market in Bangkok while we were there. The colours and patterns are fun and something I have never owned before. I like the cut and style because I can easily pair it with tights for a day at work or with sandals this summer for a brunch date. The best part was the price tag, it only cost 100 baht, which is about 4 dollars Canadian, you really can't beat that! I regret not buying more cute and unique pieces while at that market. Here I paired it with booties because although the sun was shining it is definitely not sandal weather yet, in my opinion! I love this hat Dave bought me two years ago and I instantly feel like it dresses any outfit up, whether it's just jeans and a tee or this dress. 


Favourite Looks: Paris Fashion Week Spring 2018

This is my last instalment from my Series about fashion month and it ends with the best of the fashion weeks in Paris. There were so many shows to comb through, however, I found my top five which are seen below. They are some of the biggest names in fashion, Dior, Valentino, Louis Vuitton, Dries Van Notten and Rochas and to me they rarely disappoint. One day it will be my dream to make it to one fashion week, who knows when that will be but I'm determined to make it happen. Even if it is just to see the street style that comes out of fashion month. Although times are tough and every time you even open your news feed you feel sad for the world; the designers below decided to not let that affect them. They put out positive and optimistic collections with messages of feminism and beauty.

Christian Dior

Christian Dior


Maria Grazia Chiuri infused her feminist views into her Spring Collection for Dior. Chiuri's models walked the runways in low, block heels and knee high boots. There was inspiration from the 70's felt across the pieces. She is appealing to the millennial crowds, but also an educated audience. This was seen in the first look she sent down the runway with a shirt that stated: Why Have There Been No Great Women Artists? Chiuri wants Dior to be a fashion brand that stands for more than just a nice product and that message came across in her show. 

Dries Van Noten

Dries Van Noten

Fashion used to be a reflection of the times. However, this is definitely not true for the Spring 2018 shows, especially Dries Van Noten's. Perhaps it's escapism or resilience even, whatever it is, it was seen on Van Noten's runway. There was colour and glittery pieces everywhere, yet they looked simple and wearable. He offered different looks for different women. It was a collection of wants, even if you have everything you thought you needed you left wanting something in this collection, even if it was just the single sparkly earring.



Elegant and exaggerated volumes were everywhere on the Rochas runways for Spring. Alessandro Dell'Acqua used lavish materials with an Eastern flavour, like metallic brocades. Trapeze dresses may seem retro, however, Dell'Acqua made them modern by layering dresses over trousers a trend we have seen all over street style. Most of the pieces were even reversible. Now that makes for a good investment couture piece. 

Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton ended fashion month in Paris with a history lesson. Nicolas Ghesquiere showed Louis Vuitton's Spring collection at the Louvre, a very fitting place for the pieces he sent down the runway. A combination of athleisure wear meets frock coats from the time of the royal palace was an interesting homage to the Louvre. Ghesquiere has a way of combining unlikely items together that just work, seen in Paris. Silk running shorts could be seen paired with brocade frock coats, making the past look like the future. 




Pierpaolo Piccioli took Valentino on a space mission this Spring. His collection was inspired by the moon landing, as well as the glamour of Valentino in the 80's. Again a mixture of the athleisure trend that doesn't seem to be going anywhere was seen mixed with glam. There were layered necklines, utility jackets and lean jeans, a far cry from the Renaissance princesses we're used to seeing on the runway for Valentino. You could definitely see the It girls of the fashion crowds picking up any one of these looks. 

Favourite Looks: Milan Fashion Week Spring 2018

I'm a few weeks behind with this review of my favourite looks from Milan Fashion Week but Italian designers are some of my favourites out there. I find that Italian women are some of the most fashionable women in the world and Italian designers know how to dress women to look confident, unique and beautiful all in one. My top three designers for Milan's Spring 2018 runways were Prada, Fausto Puglisi and Bottega Veneta. Below are some of my favourite looks from the shows with a few words about each show. 



Miuccia Prada is probably one of my top designers. Every season she pushes the envelope by presenting strong yet feminine pieces with a political message often hidden. Prada's Spring 2018 show was an empowering show. Miuccia used the work of female artists as prints on pieces seen on the runway. It was a stamp on a blank canvas showing militant women in a very practical way, through their clothing. Prada wants to change the world, especially for women through her terrific show of tailoring and design. 

Fausto Puglisi

Fausto Puglisi

This was the first time I had come across this designer and his line was beautiful and very wearable. The inspiration behind Fausto Puglisi's Spring 2018 show was Carolyn Bessette Kennedy who was always seen wearing a lot of black and white. A minimalist palette for the show through black, white and sometimes blush. There was an underlying theme of ballet with short and long slip dresses with scalloped panels of lace. 

Bottega Veneta

Bottega Veneta

Bottega Veneta presented their Spring 2018 collection with both men and women walking the runway. Shown in a boarding school with the message of hope for the future. There was heavy amounts of embellishment mixed with colour, an optimistic feel for the collection. Combinations of colours not normally thought paired well together walked the runway and were welcomed. Both evening and day pieces were embellished making for a beautiful show.

Favourite Looks: London Fashion Week Spring 2018



Erdem's Spring 2018 show was an ode to Queen Elizabeth II. Interest in the Queen has been rising ever since the Netflix series The Crown started, perhaps that's why Erdem looked to the royal family for inspiration. (if you haven't seen it, you better start!) The Queen enjoyed jazz and dancing at a young age and Erdem played on this idea by mixing it with a leap to Harlem in the 50's. Crossing typical royal elements: brocade, ribbons and pearls with fringe and fun party looks. 

Christopher Kane

Christopher Kane

Year after year Christopher Kane always throws such unique pieces at the runway and this Spring showing was no different. He looked to the 'perfect wife' and her domestic, yet private life for inspiration. He used the idea of wife with a cleaning habit, turning to patent which looks like garbage bags and mop ends for fringe. These elements mixed with sheer and tailored pieces gave an element of hidden suburban eroticism, a theme many would never think of or have work, yet Kane did both.

Topshop Unique

Topshop Unique

Kate Moss (my favourite model of all time,) was seated in the front row of Topshop Unique's Spring 2018 show and you couldn't help but imagine her in the pieces that were shown on the runway. Th mood was party, specifically a 90's party, in Soho's vivid nightlight scene. The pieces were retro inspired, mixing the athleisure trend with glam. There were metallics, leopard print and sheer pieces which made one think of the fun and flirty muses for Topshop. The girls that look effortlessly cool at parties.

Mary Katrantzou

Mary Katrantzou

Mary Katrantzou looked to her childhood for inspiration for her Spring 2018 show. Born in the 1980's she played with lego, paint by numbers, balloons and marbles, which all lent a hand to her colourful pieces. Her colourful pieces are met by dark times and couldn't be more welcome, by her followers and celebrities alike. With bubble like skirts and over-sequined pieces, you can definitely imagine these dresses on the red carpet come Oscars nights.

Favourite Looks: New York Fashion Week Spring 2018

September is the most exciting month of the year for fashion. Whether you are one of the lucky ones invited to a runway show, or check online obsessively to keep up (like me,) it is an exciting time of year. Of course the end of summer is always bittersweet but I am welcoming the cooler temperatures with open arms, excited to wear big, cozy sweaters and relax more. My mum brought up "the bible" to me, the September Vogue and it was bigger than ever. I can't wait to sit down with it and dog ear all my favourite looks.

Below are my favourite looks from NYFW. Fashion weeks are hard to keep up with, but I thought it would be fun to pick my favourite collections from each fashion week for you to read up on. The five collections I chose are in my opinion some of the most wearable collections to be shown at NYFW and I could definitely see myself wearing some of the trends that will emerge for Spring 2018. I already can't wait to see how the high street retailers interpret these shows, since sadly I can't afford any of the designers below. What were your favourite shows from NYFW? 

Jenni Kayne

Jenni Kayne

Jenni Kayne's collection was definitely the most wearable collection of my favourite collections this past New York Fashion Week. She often chooses a place as her muse and for her Spring/Summer 2018 collection it was the desert. There were an array of khaki pieces, mixed with different prints. Each piece was simple yet unique, paired with a strong accessory staple that really pulled the look together. This year she introduced a canvas espadrille sneaker, a style that is sure to catch on. 



Summer could be felt everywhere on Delpozo's runway. The designer, created each piece with blissful summer days in mind. This could be seen with the pastel palette that was seen in each piece of the collection. You could imagine yourself transported to an aquamarine pool with cotton candy skies overhead. A Spanish label showing in New York City, brings a unique design style to the otherwise American labels. I couldn't help but love this collection because of the headpieces shown with each outfit, reminiscent of all the straw bags that were so popular this past summer with designers, bloggers and It girls alike. 



The Australian designer went back to her roots for her Spring 2018 collection, the Gold Coast. This collection was a memory of the light and romanticism of the Gold Coast. Looking back to the 60's and 70's for further inspiration, Zimmerman designed boho and hippie styled pieces with a modern and more sexy twist to them. The floral pieces, which were my favourite were balanced out with simpler white and striped pieces to give a well rounded effect to the collection. 

Anna Sui

Anna Sui

Anna Sui's Spring 2018 runway show was a nostalgic nod to the summer of love. This reference was seen on numerous runways this season, borrowing trends from the past. However, Anna Sui always adds a modern twist to her historical references. Her collection was both whimsical and fun, but also practical. This is important for the state of fashion, as designers need to not only show but sell their pieces too. This collection had very wearable pieces that you can expect to be seeing next summer on It girls alike. 

Oscar de La Renta

Oscar de La Renta

Laura Kim and Fernando Garcia chose to show their Spring 2018 collection for Oscar de La Renta at the Sotheby's galleries in New York, which was fitting for the style of pieces that came down the runway. Inspired by Pop Art, seen with paint splatter across shirts. As well there were archival letters written by Mr. de La Renta himself, which were used as motifs on some of the pieces. The two new designers may still be finding their footing designing for the late designer, however, it felt modern with some new life breathed into it. 

Met Gala 2017: Top Five Trends

I'm a few days late with my favourite looks from the Met Gala 2017, however, I couldn't pass up the opportunity to look through all the amazing and unique looks from Mondays 'Oscars' for the fashion world. The theme this year was Rei Kawakubo/Comme des Garcons. Rei Kawakubo is the first living designer, since Yves Saint Laurent in 1983, to be the sole subject of the Met's blockbuster exhibit. She is one of fashion's most important and influential designers of the past 40 years. The theme was very avant-garde and some of the attendees stuck to the theme strictly, while others interpreted it for themselves. The final product was an evening of diverse looks.

The top five trends that showed up on the runway were: 

  • Volume
  • Trousers vs. Dresses
  • Seeing Red
  • Throwback Ballgowns
  • Thigh High

Below are my favourite looks from each trend, what was your favourite look of the night?

Zendaya wearing  Dolce & Gabbana

Zendaya wearing Dolce & Gabbana

One major trend was volume. Rihanna, Solange and Zendaya (above) chose voluminous ensembles to make a statement and homage to Comme des Garcons and their use of volume on the runway.

Cara Delevingne wearing  Chanel Haute Couture

Cara Delevingne wearing Chanel Haute Couture

A major and unique trend this year at the Met Gala was women choosing to wear trousers rather than dresses. Seen above on Cara Delevingne, she was not the only woman to opt for trousers, joined by Claire Danes and Evan Rachel Wood, the look was a sleek and modern change from typical gowns. 

Rose Byrne wearing  Ralph Lauren

Rose Byrne wearing Ralph Lauren

Another trend was the colour red. Seen on Emma Roberts, Katy Perry and Rose Byrne, seen above. Cherry Red is the unofficial colour of Comme des Garcons so it makes sense that these celebrities chose the crimson hue for the evening. Another trend was the colour red. Seen on Emma Roberts, Katy Perry and Rose Byrne, seen above. Cherry Red is the unofficial colour of Comme des Garcons so it makes sense that these celebrities chose the crimson hue for the evening. 

Lily Collins wearing  Giambatista Valli

Lily Collins wearing Giambatista Valli

A notable trend seen on the red carpet was the return of the ballgown. Seen on numerous celebrities like Lily-Rose Depp, Candice Swanepoel and here on Lily Collins. Although it was a throwback to past Met Galas, this look was a welcome change from the experimental outfits seen at the event. 

Lily Aldridge wearing  Ralph Lauren  dress and  Balenciaga  shoes

Lily Aldridge wearing Ralph Lauren dress and Balenciaga shoes


The final trend was the thigh high split seen in dresses across the runway. This look seen on Joan Smalls, Naomi Campbell and Lily Aldridge seen above, was the perfect trend to not only show off the models' lengthly legs but also bold and unique shoes. A simple dress with a thigh high split was the dress of choice by the models this Met Gala.

Spring Denim

Topshop  Denim Mini,  Lululemon  Sweatshirt,  Ray-Ban  Sunglasses,  Converse  Sneakers

Topshop Denim Mini, Lululemon Sweatshirt, Ray-Ban Sunglasses, Converse Sneakers

Looking out my window at the lashing rain, I’m dreaming of the sunny days from a few weekends ago. While Dave and I were back in Victoria we discovered this little beach off of Dallas Road. After living in Victoria for almost 30 years it took me moving away to find this little gem of a beach. It was beautiful, secluded and would be the perfect place for a late afternoon swim and BBQ with friends this summer.

After a weekend of sun I decided I was ready to brave it with bare legs and my favourite denim mini. I bought this skirt from Topshop late last summer and I didn’t pull it out to wear until recently. I decided to go for a casual vibe with this look for a beach walk by pairing the denim mini with my recently purchased Lululemon sweatshirt and Converse sneakers that I recently pulled out for Spring. The great thing about this skirt is it looks great however you wear it. I recently wore it to work with a black turtleneck, tights and black booties. However, I am really looking forward to wearing it in the warmer weather with a pair of mules and a bodysuit.


Enjoying the Sun with Tofino Towel Co.

The Rosie  Tofino Towel, Little Beach, Ucluelet, BC

The Rosie Tofino Towel, Little Beach, Ucluelet, BC

I moved to Tofino just over a month ago and one of my first purchases here was my The Rosie Tofino Towel. I was having a hard time deciding between a few of the towel designs but I settled on the beautiful pale pink and grey pattern. This towel was inspired by secluded shoreline adventures with sea caves and endless tidal pools to explore and named after Rosie Bay in Tofino, BC. 

Tofino Towel Co. are the originators of the Canadian West Coast round towel design. Made here on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, this towel couldn't be anymore inspired then island life than this. The company was inspired by slowing down, taking in nature and enjoying the simpler things in life. Named for the relaxing town of Tofino, where there is no better place to escape reality than on the beaches of the West Coast. The idea for the shape and size of the towel came from the frustration of going to the beach for the day with a regular rectangular towel that you consistently have to readjust, as to not be covered in sand by the end of your beach day. 

I wasn't only excited about this towel for future beach days here on the beautiful West Coast of Vancouver Island, but also to use it as a home decor item. It is not only a typical towel, but the perfect throw for over a couch or on the end of your bed. Even a room accent, which you can hang on the wall if you wish to. I kept mine beautifully wrapped up on a desk for a few weeks because I couldn't bring myself to unwrap it. However, once the sun came out this past Friday I had to take it to the beach to do a shoot. The towels are available online at www.tofinotowelco.com or if you find yourself in Tofino head to the cute boutique SALT, 411 Campbell St. to pick your Tofino Towel in person. 

Habit Clothing & Apparel Blouse,  American Eagle Jeans ,  Ray Ban Sunglasses

Habit Clothing & Apparel Blouse, American Eagle JeansRay Ban Sunglasses


Blossom Season

Ginger Lily  Black Wool Hat,  Nasty Gal  Floral Dress,  Aerie  Black Lace Bralette,  Sam Edelman  Petty Booties,  Catbird  Necklace,  Ray Ban  Sunglasses

Ginger Lily Black Wool Hat, Nasty Gal Floral Dress, Aerie Black Lace Bralette, Sam Edelman Petty Booties, Catbird Necklace, Ray Ban Sunglasses

The cherry blossoms are in full bloom in Victoria and it really feels like Spring. Dave and I were lucky to have the long weekend off so we headed back to my hometown to visit friends and family. The sun shone the whole time we were visiting, which we greeted with open arms after a rainy month in Tofino. After going for a run and passing this beautiful tree, I made Dave drive back and take some shots of me in an equally blooming dress. 

One of my favourite things to do when the days get longer and it begins to warm up is search through my Spring & Summer clothes that I've packed away for the cold winter. I was happy to see this old favourite when I opened the box, a Nasty Gal dress I bought a few years back. Even on a cooler Spring day this dress is great paired with tall boots, tights and a leather jacket. Here I layered it with a black lace bralette from Aerie for a little extra texture. After scrolling through my Instagram feed and seeing Coachella posts all weekend, I felt inspired to put a festival spin on my dress by adding a black wool hat. Dave bought me this black hat last summer when we started out on our road trip to the Rockies from the cutest boutique in Kelowna, Ginger Lily. I highly recommend any of you visiting to stop in to Ginger Lily, all their stuff is to die for and if we hadn't just started our road trip I would have bought it all! 



I have loved the Stones my whole life. They are one of my mum's favourite bands and I grew up listening to them. My favourite concert I have ever been to was The Rolling Stones.  Seeing Mick Jagger in one of his bold jumpsuits, running around all over the stage was something I will always remember. When I saw this T-Shirt at American Eagle I couldn't resist picking it up. I have to admit I already have a few Stones tees but this one was so classic with the red tongue and vintage feel. It has been in serious rotation in my wardrobe since I bought it a few months ago. Its loose fit and worn in feel make it extra comfortable and I've been pairing it with these black jeans, or boyfriend jeans for a relaxed feel, and a denim skirt for a cute retro look. Check out American Eagle for more band tees. 


Now that Dave and I live in Tofino, finding the perfect spot to shoot can be a bit difficult at times. Don't get me wrong the scenery here is amazing, with the beautiful beaches and rainforest surrounding us everywhere. However, sometimes I want my outfit to go with the scenery I choose and when Dave and I drove by this van I made him turn around. This van definitely reminded me of a rock stars trailer, on the road for a tour. Dave began taking photos of me in my rocker tee when this lovely old man came out to see what we were doing. We explained we loved the look of his van and he said "Well you haven't even seen the inside yet!" So we immediately took him up on his offer and had a tour of his bus turned trailer. He told us how he had bought this school bus over 30 years ago and turned it into his own camper van. He said it was perfect for him and his wife to drive down south every year. Sadly she passed away 10 years ago he told us so he doesn't do the long drive on his own anymore but he still takes it on shorter road trips. It was such a wonderful experience talking to him and he was so generous to let us take photos of the inside as well. 

The floral couch and chairs were my favourite!

The floral couch and chairs were my favourite!

He even let me pretend to drive the bus! 

He even let me pretend to drive the bus! 


Garden Party

River Island  Denim Shirt,  Topshop  Embroidered Floral Skirt,  Sam Edelman  Petty Booties,  Catbird  Rose Thorn Necklace,  Cameron Rose  Triangle Ring,  NARS  Velvet Lip Glide in Mineshaft

River Island Denim Shirt, Topshop Embroidered Floral Skirt, Sam Edelman Petty Booties, Catbird Rose Thorn Necklace, Cameron Rose Triangle Ring, NARS Velvet Lip Glide in Mineshaft

Floral prints are a spring trend you can never go wrong with. Each year the catwalks show a slight variation on the theme, however, there will always be flowers for spring/summer. I recently purchased this skirt online, from my favourite store, which many of you have probably guessed by now: Topshop. The print on the front is embroidered, following another major trend of the season and one of my favourites, seen in my previous posts. This skirt was a great purchase and I can't wait to pair it with different tops once the weather heats up. Here I paired it with a denim shirt that I picked up on my last day in London earlier this year. It is loose and comfortable and I find myself reaching for it more than any other top in my closet. Usually I pair it with leather leggings or black skinny jeans for a more casual and effortless look, however, here I tucked it into my new skirt for a great pairing of casual and girly. I can definitely see this skirt being worn at a concert with a body suit underneath or a casual t-shirt for a warm summer day on the beach. 


Spring 2017 Trends

Although Fashion Month may have just ended for Fall 2017/Winter 2018, I'm just getting excited about this season's trends! Here are my favourite trends for this Spring and how to wear them.


Seen on the runway at  Proenza Schouler  S/S 2017

Seen on the runway at Proenza Schouler S/S 2017


This pattern is the most wearable of the season and it is everywhere, from bold coloured stripes to classic Breton stripes. This is a trend that can be styled whichever way you like. As Spring approaches, wear a striped top with jeans for a pulled together and effortless look. When the Summer heat hits, opt for a striped dress in bright colours to grab everyone's attention.

Check out this option from  Anthropologie  'Hart Striped Silk Jumpsuit' $475

Check out this option from Anthropologie 'Hart Striped Silk Jumpsuit' $475

Statement Sleeves: 

Seen on the runway at  Delpozo  S/S 2017

Seen on the runway at Delpozo S/S 2017

This Spring is all about the statement sleeve. From bell-shaped, extra-long, or balloon, to off the shoulder or one shoulder tops, sleeves that have a unique flair are all the rage. With this look, which is quite bold, make sure to keep the rest of your outfit minimal. Pair a statement sleeve top with a simple bottom, like an ankle grazing pair of jeans. 

Check out this option from  TOPSHOP  'Tie Sleeve Blouse' $60,

Check out this option from TOPSHOP 'Tie Sleeve Blouse' $60,

White Shirt Dresses:

Seen on the runway at  Sonia Rykiel  S/S 2017

Seen on the runway at Sonia Rykiel S/S 2017

Forget about the little black dress for now, this Spring it's all about the little white dress, namely the white shirt dress. There are so many variations to choose from this season, from interesting waistlines to unexpected hemlines. Pair them with flats for work and switch into chunky heels for a dinner date. 

Check out this option from  NEW LOOK , 'White Bell Sleeve Cotton Shirt Dress' 22.99

Check out this option from NEW LOOK, 'White Bell Sleeve Cotton Shirt Dress' 22.99


The (New) Trench Coats:

Seen on the runway at  Dior  S/S 2017

Seen on the runway at Dior S/S 2017


The classic trench coat never goes out of style. However, it has been reinvented this season in slouchy fabrics, with big buckles and emphasized silhouettes, taking the trench to the next level. A perfect coat to pick up for spring, pair it with denim while the temperatures are still on the cool side, and with a flirty summer dress once the heat rises.

Check out this option from  Aritzia  'Babaton Maximo Trench Coat' $245

Check out this option from Aritzia 'Babaton Maximo Trench Coat' $245

Garden Party: 

Seen on the runway at  Dolce & Gabbana  S/S 2017

Seen on the runway at Dolce & Gabbana S/S 2017

Florals for spring isn't anything new. However, the Spring/Summer catwalks really brought about some eye-popping florals. Invest in a floral print this spring that speaks to a room, a far cry from the wallflower. The optimism of Spring was felt on the runways through bright and bold prints. Whether you opt for a dress, blouse or skirt in a floral print, you will definitely be on trend. 

Check out this option from  Zara , 'Asymmetric Printed Top' $45.90

Check out this option from Zara, 'Asymmetric Printed Top' $45.90


Seen at  Victoria Beckham  S/S 2017 show

Seen at Victoria Beckham S/S 2017 show

Denim is having a serious moment. From interesting finishes and unconventional cuts, denim is in a very fun and unique place right now. There is a lot of variety to choose from and even more experimentation and creativity in the industry, making it hard to pick just one pair! It's time to let the legging like skinny jeans go and pick up a pair of vintage-inspired denim, with distressed hems or embroidery embellishing the legs. Denim isn't only for jeans, denim overalls, skirts, shirts, jackets, it is everywhere and we can't get enough! 

Check out this option from  GAP  'Mid Rise Destructed True Skinny Ankle Jeans' $89.95

Check out this option from GAP 'Mid Rise Destructed True Skinny Ankle Jeans' $89.95

Rain Check

Topshop  Ribbed Turtleneck,  Aritzia  Overalls,  Sam Edelman  Booties, Topshop Embroidered Purse,  Dior Addict Lip Gloss

Topshop Ribbed Turtleneck, Aritzia Overalls, Sam Edelman Booties, Topshop Embroidered Purse, Dior Addict Lip Gloss

This weekend was a rainy and grey one, but that didn't stop me getting out for my last weekend in Victoria. My friend and I had fun shooting in the rain, followed by a delicious brunch at The Village. Shooting in the rain is only fun with a cute umbrella though! Elyse lent me her Kate Spade umbrella for the shoot because it was the perfect accessory for my rainy day outfit. I recently purchased this ribbed grey turtleneck from Topshop and have been wearing it with everything! It went well with these Aritzia overalls I bought a few years ago that I keep coming back to in my wardrobe. I've also paired it with a denim embroidered mini skirt and it also works dressed up with silk trousers. I have been trying to invest in more basics, and this is the perfect one. It kept me warm this past weekend and is a great transitional piece for any wardrobe.

Kate Spad e Rain Check? Umbrella c/o Elyse Longair

Kate Spade Rain Check? Umbrella c/o Elyse Longair

Little Gold Ring in Gold, Claddagh Ring in Silver

Little Gold Ring in Gold, Claddagh Ring in Silver


X's & O's

PLEN+Y  hat,  mark.  dress,  Primark  tights,  Sam Edelman  Boots,  Matt & Nat  bag,  Marc Jacobs  watch,  Ray Ban  sunglasses

PLEN+Y hat, mark. dress, Primark tights, Sam Edelman Boots, Matt & Nat bag, Marc Jacobs watch, Ray Ban sunglasses

The second the sun comes out I am ready for Summer! The sun was shining the morning I put this dress on, however, while my friend and I were enjoying our London Fogs and macaroons at Fol Epi there was a massive downpour (typical Victoria weather). Luckily the sun came back out and we could get some photos taken. I bought this dress recently from 'mark.' a catalogue by Avon, which carries cosmetics, accessories and clothes aimed at a younger audience than Avon. I loved the name of the dress: 'x's & o's' as it reminded me of the catchy song by Elle King. I don't wear much colour usually, however, this paisley print dress with criss-cross closure caught my eye instantly. The long sleeves make it easy to wear in the Spring paired with tights like I did here. However, I am most excited to wear it in the summer with bare legs, listening to an outdoor concert on the West Coast. I paired it with a hat I got for Christmas that gives any look an instant 'it girl' vibe (plus it covers up dirty hair when you're rushing to get out the door!) I liked accessorizing the grey wool hat with brown accessories to give it a more laid-back and bohemian vibe. If you've never checked out mark. give their Instagram account a follow: @markgirl and check out all their cute fashion and makeup posts. 

Enjoy London Fogs and Macaroons on a sunny afternoon at  Fol Epi

Enjoy London Fogs and Macaroons on a sunny afternoon at Fol Epi

London Fog and Cassis Macaroons

London Fog and Cassis Macaroons

TOPSHOP leather jacket

TOPSHOP leather jacket

Bombin' Around Tofino

River Island  Bomber,  Topshop  Sweatshirt Dress,  Primark  Tights,  Sam Edelman  Petty Booties,  Marc by Marc Jacobs  Glasses

River Island Bomber, Topshop Sweatshirt Dress, Primark Tights, Sam Edelman Petty Booties, Marc by Marc Jacobs Glasses

Last summer my cousins were visiting from London and they asked me what they could bring for me. First I said chewing gum, it seriously tastes better over there! Second, I requested a bomber jacket because they were everywhere, but not in Victoria. Little did I know that every shop in Victoria would be carrying them once Fall hit. Bombers are the perfect jacket, and give any outfit an instant cool vibe. My cousin bought mine from River Island, a British store that I love. Now that bombers have reached high street shops like Zara, Topshop, River Island, Aritzia etc, there are lots of different styles and colours you can choose from. The embroidered versions are absolutely beautiful and I have been eyeing them up for some time. My army green bomber goes with just about anything, I love dressing it up for a night out or dressing it down for running errands in girlfriend jeans and sneakers. If you don't already have one, you should definitely invest in one this Spring! 

Cox Bay, Tofino

Cox Bay, Tofino


Trend: Embroidery

TOPSHOP  polka dot blouse,  GAP  jeans,  TOPSHOP  purse,  SAM EDELMAN  petty ankle boots

TOPSHOP polka dot blouse, GAP jeans, TOPSHOP purse, SAM EDELMAN petty ankle boots

Embroidery was popping up everywhere for Fall 2016 and the trend doesn't seem to be slowling down and I couldn't be more happy about it. I used to watch my grandmother and mum work on their cross-stitching and embroidery as a kid and was amazed at what they came up with so this trend is a little nostalgic for me. Nodding to the past, this trend is reminiscent of the bohemian styles of the Seventies. From denim, to bomber jackets, minis and even accessories, embroidered motifs are everywhere.

Its all in the details: TOPSHOP   embroidered purse, GAP embroidered jeans

Its all in the details: TOPSHOP embroidered purse, GAP embroidered jeans

I've embraced the trend with a pair of jeans from GAP, a bag from TOPSHOP and a denim miniskirt from TOPSHOP. This past weekend I paired my light embroidered jeans with my embroidered handbag. I ordered these jeans online from the GAP a few weeks ago and have been living in them since I got them. Dressed up with a bodysuit or dressed down with a cardigan, they look good however you wear them. My sister gave me this bag when I was in London over the holidays and I've been wearing it any chance I get. It's the perfect size for a night out but also great for a brunch date with the girls. 

As the rain came I had to pull out my favourite umbrella from   HUDSON BAY

As the rain came I had to pull out my favourite umbrella from HUDSON BAY