Interview with Botanic Creative's Sarah Scott

With such a busy summer I haven’t had the chance to interview anyone on the blog for a little while. However, after a fun night at Vic Business Babes organized by my friend Lya, I was able to meet some amazing women from Victoria. One of them was Sarah Scott who owns Botanic Creative. It’s a funny thing growing up in a smaller city like Victoria, you often recognize people, but you don’t know why. That’s what happened to Sarah and I when we ran into each other at the event and we were convinced we already knew each other. However, after chatting a bit we realized we didn’t, but she was really interested to hear more about my blog. I quickly asked her if she would be willing to do an interview with me and she was very excited about that! It was such a pleasure to meet someone like minded and creative and I hope that being back in Victoria, I will find more women like Sarah to get to know. Read below to get to know Sarah and see how talented she is.

The talented Sarah working her magic by   Cedar Coast Photography

The talented Sarah working her magic by Cedar Coast Photography

How did you get into floral design?

My mother owned a flower shop in my hometown, Qualicum Beach. I grew up amongst the buckets of flowers and would play hide and seek in the walk-in cooler. When I was old enough my mother taught me how to clean stems, water the tropical plants, take orders and eventually the fine art of floral design.

Is this something that has always interested you?

I have always had a passion for floral design. Even when other careers took the front seat, I yearned to play with flowers and foliage.

Where did you grow up? Do you think this influenced you to become the floral designer you are today?

Completely! I learned everything from my mother and her staff, and although the styles have changed since she owned her shop, she still helps me with the odd wedding or floral installation!

One of her beautiful green space installations

One of her beautiful green space installations

How do you find inspiration?

I am mostly inspired by the seasons. Witnessing the natural transitions of nature as she moves through her cycles inspire me to change my style and techniques. Each season is full of fun unique thing to design with, I like to use unconventional pieces you wouldn’t expect and mimic the transcendental beauty of nature.

Do you have a favourite plant of flower yourself?

I have over 200 houseplants and I would be lying if I didn’t say I love them all individually. My favourite flower would be Queen Anne’s Lace or Daucus Carota for its diversity. It is incredibly invasive here on Vancouver Island, so I can pick as much as I want!

Do you find yourself working with brides/bridal parties during wedding season?

I have noticed the wedding ‘season’ is beginning to take on new meaning. More couples are exploring the idea of autumn and winter weddings, which I am very excited about. At this point, I am working with couples throughout the year and make myself available for last minute elopements as much as possible!

Styled florals in a beautiful brides hair by   Chiara Sparanese Photography

Styled florals in a beautiful brides hair by Chiara Sparanese Photography

Do you teach workshops? What do they entail?

I love teaching workshops! It’s what feeds my soul. I cover pretty much anything plant, garden and floral related and offer them to the public in my collaborative spaces or as private events such as baby showers, birthday parties, or team-building experiences.

Do you have any exciting projects coming up?

Always! Along with a few autumn and winter weddings, I will be offering a few Houseplant Care 101 workshops. The workshop that is coming up fast is Fall Centrepiece Workshop at Nourish Kitchen & Cafe on October 6th (tickets available at and lots of Winter Wreath Workshops around Victoria!

Where do you see Botanic Creative in the future?

I am really enjoying the diversity and creative freedom of offering so many services to my community. I would love to see my Greenspace Designs in the many new developments around town, make floral dreams come true for happy couples, and continue to build community through workshops!

Greenery and plants designed by Sarah make a space not only beautiful but unique

Greenery and plants designed by Sarah make a space not only beautiful but unique

Would you like to share a bit about your other business, Pop Up Wedding Victoria?

I am so excited about the recent launch of another passion business, Pop Up Wedding Victoria! A Pop Up Wedding is where we book a desirable venue and ‘pop up’ a beautifully designed ceremony location for you to get married at. Every detail is already taken care of, from the photographer, officiant, flowers, and cake, it truly is the most stress-free wedding day. My business partners/friends Julia Loglisci (Julie Marie Photography) and Andrea Walker-Collins (Cedar Coast Photographer) and I wanted to offer the chance for everyone to celebrate their love, but not at the cost of your first down payment or dream honeymoon. Our economy sharing model makes this an affordable alternative to the traditional wedding ceremony. All you have to do is show up and say I do! For More information or to register for our first Pop Up Wedding June 2019, visit

Photo by   Chiara Sparanese Photography

Photo by Chiara Sparanese Photography

I saw on your beautifully curated website that you do Greenspace Design. Can you tell me a bit about this?

I have added natural elements to photoshoots and events for businesses such as Miiko Skin Co, Nude Swim Bar, SALT, FED, Tourism Victoria and more! You can see some of the designs at Shampoo Hair Bar, Miiko Skin Co, Geometry Integrated Health, Mosi Baker, Nourish Kitchen & Cafe. I have also done many private installations.

Where do you tend to find inspiration when it comes to designing a new green space?

The most important piece is what purpose you want the greenspace to serve. Is it to divide a room? Soften sound? Produce food? Add an esthetic flair? I am inspired by my clients and their existing spaces and the texture of soft natural elements.

Typically how long can it take to work on such a large commission?

A large design can take anywhere from 3 weeks to 3 months depending on whether the space is pre-existing or a new build. I source all my plants and products as local as possible, mostly from Vancouver.

Photo by   Julia Marie Photography

Photo by Julia Marie Photography

Thank you to Sarah Scott for taking the time to answer my many interview questions and wanting to be a part of my blog. She is such a talented and inspiring woman. Please check out her website as well as her Instagram and Facebook page: