The Women of Tofino & Ucluelet

When you move to a new place with no friends it can be really hard, especially for a social person like me, who finds it hard to make friends quickly. However, I realized after spending some time in our new home and people began to recognize us I started to feel welcomed into this new community. I didn't make many friends but the ones I did I will forever stay in touch with and visit often. This post I guess is a sort of goodbye to Tofino and Ucluelet and the women who really inspired me while I was here. Of course these five business woman aren't the only people who were inspiring, Cass, Dale and Lizzie, my coworkers who I became quick friends with are all such amazing women. Marcie, Tessa and Laurissa, my friends in Ucluelet, are going to be really hard to say goodbye to as well, I met them all at Kara's workout classes and I'm so glad they came up to me to say hi. The west coast can be a hard place to live but the women I met here will forever inspire me to push myself to be more confident and creative. Thank you to everyone who made my experience a memorable one while we lived on this wild west coast for a year and a half, I will forever be grateful to our friendships. 

Kara in   The Studio   photograph by Jordan Dyck

Kara in The Studio photograph by Jordan Dyck

The first person that really welcomed me to Ucluelet was Kara. I saw some posters about her workout studio and dragged Dave to a 'Spinfit' class. He quickly realized it was not for him, however, I got hooked and started trying out all the different classes she had on offer. When Kara closed her small studio and began doing workouts at the beach I followed her there. Finally when she opened The Studio I found myself there numerous times a week. Kara was so welcoming that even if I didn't know anyone in her class I felt like I was hanging with a friend while getting our sweat on. I'll be forever grateful for the motivation she has given me to try out new workouts that I would have otherwise never tried, like barre and TRX. I'm definitely going to miss those sweat sessions with Kara and I wish her the best of luck to her and The Studio. Whenever I'm back in Ucluelet and I can make a class, I definitely plan to!

Zoe from   Zoe's Bakery and Cafe

Zoe from Zoe's Bakery and Cafe

Another favourite spot I spent a lot of my time at was Zoe's Bakery and Cafe. If you follow me on Instagram I'm sure you have realized just how much I liked it. I think on average I would visit it once a week on my weekend, begging Dave to come with me for a treat and coffee. When we first moved to Ucluelet the bakery was quite small and then they transformed it, adding loads more space to sit and enjoy your meal. Currently they are building a deck to enjoy the rare sunshine Ucluelet gets. Everything we ate at Zoe's was delicious. Her sandwiches, soups and flatbreads were perfect when you were hungry for lunch. However, I more often than not opted for one of her sweet treats. From the danishes, to the large cinnamon buns and the coffee cake. Everything was so good and I can't wait to get back and eat something tasty there again. If you ever find yourself in Ucluelet, you have to go and taste Zoe's baking for yourself!

Jess from   Wild Roots Esthetics

Jess from Wild Roots Esthetics

It's hard to find someone to trust your esthetic needs with. Before heading to Thailand I wanted to get my lashes done and I didn't have time to go to somewhere in Victoria. I did some googling and came upon Jess at Wild Roots Esthetics. The little shed style studio she works out of is so cute and unique and the perfect space for what she's doing. Every time I visited Jess there I always left smiling and crying because I had laughed so hard. She was such a lovely woman to get to know in Ucluelet. I will miss those hilarious moments when I was trying to lie still as she glued lashes onto me but was saying something too funny to not laugh out loud to. If you ever need any esthetics done while in Ucluelet I would definitely recommend visiting Wild Roots Esthetics and spending some time with the lovely Jess.

Petra from   Petrichor Hair Workshop

Petra from Petrichor Hair Workshop

When I first moved out to the west coast I would make the drive to Victoria every 3 months to get my hair done at Hive by my favourite hair stylist, Jadah. When she told me she was moving to London I quickly realized I would have to find a new hair stylist, which to me can be very scary! I love my hair and I take very good care of it since I colour it often so I needed to find a blonde specialist and I'm so glad Jadah suggested Petra to me! It is so wonderful when you sit down to get your hair done and you and hairdresser can just start talking and not stop until you leave. Plus her salon is beautiful, Petrichor Hair Workshop. Petra was so amazing at doing what I asked to my hair but also giving suggestions and I always left loving my hair. I would highly recommend Petra for anyone looking for either a wonderful cut and/or colour, you will not be disappointed!

Jen from   Caravan Beach Shop Tofino

Jen from Caravan Beach Shop Tofino

When I started working at Roy Henry Vickers gallery when I moved here I went to visit Jen at Caravan Beach Shop to see what her shop was like. Needless to say I returned again and again to buy gifts not only for myself but also for friends and family. Jen carries such great brands and unique pieces from clothes, to cosmetics, jewelry and books to so much more. The cards were my favourite though because I am such a card person! To this day I still love to send birthday and Christmas cards to my friends and family throughout the world. There were always such fun cards there that were uniquely west coast. Definitely my favourite shop in Tofino and Jen is such a wonderful, hard working woman. Go in to the shop and you won't be disappointed, you will probably leave with something you didn't mean to buy either but you'll be happy you did!