May Favourites

This post comes a little earlier in the month than it usually does because I'm going to be away for most of May! I leave in 6 days for my holiday and Camino and I am getting so excited. I can't wait to share my experience with you when I get back so stay tuned. In the meantime these are my favourite things at the moment. Have a read about why I love them, find them inspiring or just find them interesting. 

Lovesick   TV show

Lovesick TV show

My friend at work suggested I watch this English show on Netflix, Lovesick. I told Dave about it and he was quick to say no due to the title. However, I managed to get him to watch the first one with me and instantly we were hooked. It's a problem. I love British TV shows, especially comedies. This show is unlike any I have ever watched. The way each character is portrayed as 'love sick,' is so true to form, it is uncanny. I know how hard it is to be friends with someone, while also having a crush on them, that was most of my 20's until I met Dave. If you only watch one series this summer, make it this one. You will not be disappointed. It is both funny and sad, and always heart warming. You will fall in love with "Lovesick."

This Is America   by Childish Gambino

This Is America by Childish Gambino

This music video came out this past week and in 2 days amassed 30+ million views. I now know why after being one of those viewers. Donald Glover, actor, comedian, singer and dancer, known as Childish Gambino released this eyeopening song and music video about the state of America. Being born in Canada I have always watched what is happening in our neighbouring country through a Canadian and Italian lens. However, the current affairs in the United States is something that can not be ignored and Childish Gambino faced it head on. A piece not only about gun violence in America but also racism, this music video is deeply sad and disturbing, not due to the video but due to the actuality of what is happening in America. If you are one of the few people who have not seen it yet, please watch it and see what I mean. It has been a long time since I watched a music video, let alone felt like it stayed with me for the rest of the week. 

Sleep   by Max Richter

Sleep by Max Richter

I read about this piece on I had never heard of Max Richter, a British-German composer before reading this piece. However, when I saw what it was titled, 'Sleep,' I was immediately drawn in. As I have mentioned before, sleep is not something that comes easily to me. Some nights I have the most peaceful sleep, wake up the next morning ready to run a marathon. Whereas most nights I toss and turn, take ages to fall asleep and end up waking up multiple times a night. It is something I am still trying to figure out but I am getting there with a regular sleep routine. Max Richter composed this 8 hour piece to put you to sleep. The musical composition is meant to mimic the different types of sleep you fall into and to help you wake up easily in the morning. He performed it recently in New York City where people were invited to listen and sleep for 8 hours to his piece. Some people did indeed sleep, while others stayed awake and listened, did meditation or yoga, or merely rested. This is fascinating to me as I once was a very musical person playing piano for 15 plus years. I have downloaded this piece and can't wait to see how it lulls me to sleep personally. 

I Feel Pretty

I Feel Pretty

I saw this movie a few weeks ago while I was in Victoria. My mum, best friend and I all got cozy and ready to laugh our heads off in the cinema. And we did just that. Amy Schumer is an amazing comedian and actress but also such a strong and important role model for women. I read lots of reviews about how it was not taken well because either people didn't understand it or people were offended by it. However, I disagree with that. I think what Amy Schumer did for women, of all shapes, sizes and appearance was made them realize that everyone is indeed beautiful and should have the confidence that she does in this film. It was heart warming, loving and hilarious in all parts of it. We all walked out feeling so good about ourselves and really enjoyed it. So if you haven't seen it yet I would highly recommend it!