April Goals

This comes a little late in the year because I never shared my New Years Resolutions with you all. I was still in Thailand then and not blogging during the holiday to give my brain a break. Well it's since been almost 4 months and I can say my resolutions are going quite well. I don't normally do "resolutions" in the typical way but more like achievable goals to set myself. Below you can read about how the progress is coming along! 


1. No online shopping: I know this sounds insane especially since I live in a small town but it is going ok. I find myself realizing my wardrobe doesn't need that thing I would have convinced myself last year I desperately needed. But now I find new ways to wear things in my closet. I am also trying to consciously pare down my wardrobe to staples and essentials. It has taken me a long time to realize that some trends don't necessarily work for me, and that can be especially true of where I live. It's cold and rainy a lot of the time here so I don't have as many shoe or coat options to wear. I still love dressing up and looking stylish, especially since my first love is fashion. I am just trying to do it in a more sustainable way now and easier on the bank account. I can say I haven't bought any clothes online and it's April so I think I am doing quite well with this goal! 

2. Start training again: I don't often share with my readers how much I enjoy working out, whether it is yoga, running, workout classes, spin or workouts at the gym. I do all of the above and I find it is not only the best thing for me physically but also mentally too. I have mentioned before how hard it is for me to sleep some nights and I especially find this true if I haven't done some sort of exercise that day. Most of my 20's I spent running over any other activity. It is by far my favourite type of exercise. However, a few years ago I was running a bit too much, doing two races and Tough Mudder in the same year took a tole on my body, specifically my hip. I had to get a lot of massage, chiro, physio and acupuncture to get it back to normal. I still find it bothers me from time to time, but it is way better than it used to be. So this year I decided to sign up for a race, a half marathon here in Ucluelet, to get back into training. It took a lot of time to get back to where I once was, but I finally feel like I'm back to it and loving it. The race is in June so I still have some time to train!  

3. Spend more time off my phone and more time on things I love: I think this is a goal a lot of us have set for ourselves recently. Whether it is before bed or throughout the day. I am one of these people that has realized it is affected my well being so I am making a conscious effort to leave my phone alone more now. I obviously have to be on it for this blog, whether it is posting on Instagram or checking out inspiration and taking photos. However, I have made a new rule for myself. I 'unplug' at 9:30pm every night, which means I plug my phone in and don't look at it again until the next morning. This has had a huge affect on my sleep pattern already. I also put my phone away more now during TV time with Dave so I can focus more on what we're watching and enjoy it, rather than looking at two screens at once. Now that I unplug at night I also have way more time to read and I love reading before bed. I have also recently gotten into macrame and have been making pieces for friends to purchase. I am really enjoying getting in touch with my creative side again. 

Those are my three goals I am working on currently, however, I am always constantly working at others. I will keep you posted on how they are going throughout the year and other goals I have set for myself. Like getting outdoors more and learning to bake new and exciting baked goods. Stay tuned!