March: Favourite Things

I have not written a favourite things post in months now! I think my last one was from November. I had so much content to share with all of you from my travels in Thailand, then Portland that I just didn't think about my monthly favourite things! Well it's back! As I have changed my sleep and self care routine a bit I feel like I should share the things that are helping me through that. It has been over two months since the tsunami evacuation in Ucluelet and Tofino but it really affected me, more than I thought it would. I found falling asleep to be very difficult after that happened and I would lie awake for hours thinking about another once coming. (Ridiculous I know but hey, not everyone is perfect.) So I decided to make some changes, especially before bed. Below are my things in my life that I am loving at the moment and why. 

Forever35   podcast

Forever35 podcast

This is my ultimate favourite podcast of the moment. I discovered it through a blog I follow and downloaded it all immediately and could not get enough. Now that I'm all caught up I find myself waiting every week for the newest one to come out! Forever35 is a podcast about all things to do with self care. The hosts are two friends who are obsessed with skin care and share their favourite cosmetics and tips on the podcast. Each week they interview someone new and discuss their self care routines. These can be anywhere from sleep, to playing the piano in the morning, to having a bath every day. I love hearing how people look after themselves and I find myself thinking about my own personal self care from it more. I also love their tips and discussions on their favourite products. I have never been much of a makeup person, I usually do the same thing every day and it is very simple. But as I get older and more aware of looking after my skin and the importance of natural products I reassess my cosmetic bag and try and improve it. If you are at all into cosmetics, skincare or self-care I highly recommend this podcast! 

Gods and Kings: The rise and fall of Alexander McQueen and John Galliano by Dana Thomas

Gods and Kings: The rise and fall of Alexander McQueen and John Galliano by Dana Thomas

This has to be my one of my favourite books I have read in a long time. After Thailand I decided I really needed to get back into reading again. I really enjoyed my book I was reading while on holiday, The Alice Network, which I shared with you in a previous "Favourites" post. This book, however, is very different from the last. It's about the amazing and genius fashion designers of the 1990's, specifically Alexander McQueen and John Galliano. I studied Fashion Design before Art History and anything to do with fashion and Alexander McQueen I have to read. I will forever remember the day he passed away as a part of the fashion world dying. No one will ever amount to his genius and it is so sad he was taken away at such a young age. This book delves into how these two designers worked their way up to the top of the fashion world and how it was both the best and worst things to happen to them. If you are at all interested in the fashion world I would highly recommend reading this beautiful book. 

Lululemon   , Love Tee Crew III

Lululemon, Love Tee Crew III

I am always on the constant hunt for the perfect basics, specifically a white tee. I always try them on and they never seem right. They are either too tight, too see-through or too long. I don't love v-necks either so when I saw this white crewneck tee at Lululemon you know I got very excited. The material is so light and soft it doesn't cling to your body. It looks great as a tee to wear to a yoga class or even worn with jeans. I definitely plan to wear it tucked into skirts this summer too. I already want to buy it in other colours because I love it so much. If you are on the search for the perfect tee I would definitely give this one a go, I have been wearing mine non-stop since I picked it up. 

The Good Place   Tv Show

The Good Place Tv Show

Now that Dave and I have finished the full series of Parks & Rec we needed to fill a tv void with something funny. I had read about this TV show on a blog I follow and the women I work with had also recommended it. I wasn't sure to begin with but after the first couple episodes Dave and I binged the whole first season in a week! Now we're onto the second season and we love it! It's a great show, a funny and original concept and quick 20 minute episodes. I guarantee you'll enjoy it if you watch it, so give it a try next time you're looking for something funny. The first season is available on Netflix. 

Glossier   , Lidstar Eyeshadow

Glossier, Lidstar Eyeshadow

So I don't wear much makeup on a day to day basis. If I'm going out in the evening I'll do a quick flick of liquid liner and a lipstick colour and that will be enough for me. Maybe it's because I don't really know how to do some makeup, like foundation, contouring etc. However, I like having a simpler makeup routine and look. Since Glossier launched I have been interested in their cosmetics. They are streamlined and simple, with very few products to choose from online. Let's just say Sephora is the scariest place for me to go. So when I saw what Glossier was doing I was a little more interested. Their products are cruelty-free and most of them are also vegan. The style of the products are minimal and I really like that. I recently ordered the Lidstar Duo, one for me and one for a girlfriend for her birthday and they are exactly what I wanted. A simple eyeshadow that is easy to apply and has a bit of colour to them. Something simple for me to put on in the morning before work with a swipe of mascara and I can be out the door. They come in 6 colours and I feel like I'll be buying another one to complement the colour I already bought soon enough!