Where to Eat: Borough Market

I had never been to Borough Market before this trip and I was missing out! My sister told me I had to eat there when I was in London for the day so naturally I planned my day around eating. After visiting the National Gallery, Dave and I headed to Borough Market, hungry and ready to check out all the different foods on offer.

Enjoying a goat milk hot chocolate from the  Greedy Goat

Enjoying a goat milk hot chocolate from the Greedy Goat

I would suggest to any of you visiting London and want a really great experience to head to Borough Market.  Whether, you're just out and about and want to have a quick snack or coffee, or whether you want a decent sized lunch, this market has everything to offer! When Dave and I first walked in, it was a mad house with people everywhere, however, after we weaved our way through the crowds and worked our way through the stalls it calmed down. (We had arrived at prime lunch eating time).  We decided to walk around to see what was on offer and enjoyed numerous samples from the stalls, in the end only making us even hungrier. Our first stop was Pate Moi to pick up some of their delicious mushroom pate to bring to my sister and her husband. Next we picked up some tea to keep our hands warm while we kept wandering around. After taste testing lots of different cheeses, olive oils, and much more, we settled on sharing a vegetarian Indian. The cue was quite long, but needless to say, it was well worth the wait. On a bed of rice there was dhal, potatoes and cauliflower with peas served with an onion bhaji on the side. The flavours were unique and truly delicious. To finish our day off on a sweet note we stopped and picked up a piece of pistachio baklava from a Turkish vendor and a goat milk hot chocolate from the Greedy Goat. Here are some photos from our trip through the market, a place I plan on definitely going back to.