On the Road: London Edition

When in Rome, I mean in London, I have to visit my extremely large Italian family.  I am proud to be Italian, but sometimes it can be a tad overwhelming. What better way to introduce Dave to most of my family than going for pizza with 60 of my relatives. 

After the initial shock of meeting only 60 out of over 100 of the Costanzo clan, Dave and I had a day trip to London before leaving for home the next day. 

We set off to the National Gallery first so I could see one of the paintings I wrote about in my MA thesis. I also gave Dave an Art History lesson while we were there. The 18th - 20th century art was definitely my favourite after nerding out hard next to my Botticelli painting. Next, we walked around Trafalgar Square, which is always flocked with tourists but I still love visiting it. I was pleased to see a new piece of art in the square, a giant thumbs up! We hopped on the underground, which I love to do (I'm sure if I lived there and had to take it everyday it would be a different story though), to Borough Market for lunch. Check out my Where to Eat blog post for more on the market.  After filling up on delicious samples and tasty treats we decided to walk it off along the Thames River.  Although it was a cold day in London, there were lots of people out.  Finally we reached the Tower Bridge. No matter how many times I've walked across it, I still love it. Then it was off to see my sister and her husband in Greenwich for our last night across the pond. Even though it was a short visit and we weren't able to do as much as I would've liked, I know I'll be back soon to continue exploring one of my favourite cities.