Nicknamed 'the valley of two lakes' for its beautiful scenery, rich and fascinating history, and even archaeological importance. Glendalough is a remarkable spot that you must visit if you're in Ireland. Only an hour outside of Dublin, Glendalough is easy to reach by car, or by tour bus. The monuments and lakes are accessible all year round. If you are feeling slightly more adventurous and in the mood for some exercise, I recommend doing the full loop, called The Spink, which took us roughly 2 1/2 hours, we were walking pretty quick though. This hike takes you up some pretty steep stairs at the beginning, then it follows the mountain ridge all the way around before descending into an old mine. Finally you finish the hike walking alongside the upper lake. Another option is to do the small walk around the lower lake that leads you to the old monastic city and cemetery. We chose to finish our day here and with the sun slowly setting, we were glad we did.    

I didn't pack for any real exercise on this trip, I only packed a running shirt, pants and runner, but sadly I forgot my sports bra so runs were out the window for me! However, I'm really glad I didn't bring it because I was forced to take some time to myself (much needed) and slow down. Life moves way too quickly these days, and this hike was a real reminder of how you have to enjoy the little things in life. (Even if that meant sporting Dave's mums banana coloured fleece). Check out this hike and tourist attraction if you find yourself in Ireland, it was definitely a highlight of my trip.