Christmas Craft Beer Show

I don't have any staff Christmas parties to go to this year, which is fine by me, awkward Christmas dinners with co-workers aren't my thing. However, I felt like I wanted to get into the Christmas spirit and what better way to do so then sampling beers. Dave and I joined my cousin Anna and her boyfriend Devon at the Christmas Craft Beer Show at Save-On Foods Arena and had a great time tasting all the local beers. I was excited to wear a new sweater I got on Black Friday, which was both cozy and fashionable, a perfect alternate to the holiday dress.

We started with Persephone Brewing Company out of Gibsons, BC, here I tasted one of their pale ales which was delicious. I really enjoy sampling beers because I can't say that I am the biggest beer drinker so if I don't like a sample I can just get rid of it and move on. The Craft Beer Show used a token system, for each beer you tasted you left a token, which was only $1.50.  I'm going to be honest with you when I say I can't remember the exact order we tasted but each and every beer or cider we had was really interesting in taste and flavour and showed us that there are so many breweries not only on the island but also all over BC. We had some samples from Riot Brewing Co, out of Chemainus, BC, and Moody Ales, from Port Moody, BC. Also tasted Bridge Brewing Company from the North Shore in Vancouver, which had fake tattoos available that Dave was very excited to get.  Of course we went to Moon Under Water, from Victoria, BC.  I was very impressed by their clothing they were selling, which you should definitely check out if you're interested in beautiful designed graphic tees.  My favourite sample I had was from Spinnakers, Victoria, BC, who were pouring beers despite the fire they had only a week before.  They had a Belgium beer that was like no other sample I had and I would definitely suggest it to you next time you're wanting to try something new.  These were just a few of the samplings we had and I would suggest to anyone who enjoys beer or even just wants to taste some different types to try a Craft Beer Show next time they get the chance.