West Coast Gift Guide #1: The Popcorn Bar

Sarita Fichtner, co-owner of the Popcorn Bar, joins me for the blog's first segment of the West Coast Gift Guide.  This idea was thought of when I was talking to friends about Christmas presents and how they would prefer to shop locally. Here is an interview about Sarita and The Popcorn Bar, check their website and Instagram out for cute gift ideas for that special someone who loves to eat: http://thepopcornbar.ca/ @the.popcorn.bar 

What is your favourite flavour you've ever made? 

That's tough...but I think I am going to go with Nirvana, the Indian Spice Blend!  Once we started experimenting with spices, we became so excited about the taste of it - it's PACKED with flavour and definitely unique in the popcorn realm.  It has bit of a bite (which I love), but the level of spice can be tailored to the individual. 

How did The Popcorn Bar begin? 

For at least ten years I hadn't been comfortable on the career path I was on - nothing ever felt right and I had a strong instinctive, gut feeling that I could do something out of the ordinary.  As much as I wanted to be happy with what I was doing, it was almost as though my heart and mind wouldn't let me.  It really started to affect me, so last February I started reading some motivational books and they really struck me.  I then started an Instagram account of popcorn and would pull inspiration and post just for my own pleasure - I don't even think I told anyone about it until months later.  Through this account, I won a branding contest.  I didn't end up using the prize, but I got recognition from the win on social media.  A well established toddler's boutique on Etsy shortly contacted me for an order of 30 bags that were to be sent out to well known bloggers and clients, in honour of their shop's 2nd anniversary.  Since then, we have received a lot of positive attention and feedback! 

Was it always a dream of yours to start a company like this? 

Yes and no.  I have a few dream jobs and owning a popcorn shop was always one of them, however I never actually visualized myself getting up and starting something from scratch! 

What is your favourite flavour for a Christmas present? 

That's easy - our gingerbread caramel!  I don't even have a sweet tooth and can't get enough of it. 

Where can we buy your popcorn? 

Right now you can place orders via email or our website. 

How do you find inspiration for new flavours? 

We look everywhere for inspiration.  Any food or flavour that is a hit, we always ask ourselves if it would work as a popcorn flavour.  We look at seasons, traditional recipes, baking and sweets, different experiences and cultures, and dig into our own imaginations. 

 Do you enjoy cooking? 

Yes, I love it!  My parents do as well which helps as my mom produces a lot of our popcorn.  Depending on what flavour we are making, it can be a lot of work - something people may not expect with popcorn! But my parents are amazing cooks which has made me realize that cooking is a skill I want to continue to develop.

What is your favourite restaurant in Vancouver? 

I am a huge sushi addict and I'm going to have to say Bene Sushi in West Vancouver.  I cannot describe how mouth watering their menu is! 

What did you do before The Popcorn Bar

What didn't I do?  I obtained a diploma in fashion design, a degree from UBC, worked in offices, retail and child care, but all I ever wanted was something steady that I felt passionate about! 

What are your future goals with the company? 

Personally, my own passions (aside from loving popcorn itself) and talents have really come through since I started The Popcorn Bar.  I want to continue to develop those and naturally bring passion to the workplace, wherever that might be.  This business has opened so many doors for me and I just want to embrace the opportunities that I never would have thought would come my way!  As for the company, we would love to get into the craft beer markets, open an online shopping cart and continue to collaborate with big names in creative industries.

Image Credit:

Images with Blue & White Cones by Juline Christine Photography @juliechristinephotography

Image with Nirvana and Dillicious popcorn in bowls by This Is It Studios @thisisitstudios

The rest of the images were provided by Sarita Fichtner, The Popcorn Bar @the.popcorn.bar. Thank you to Sarita for being a part of the blog and telling her story of The Popcorn Bar, go check our their website and order those last minute edible Christmas presents!